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Why Name Badges?

An eye-catching name badge will be noticed and create a professional image to your customers and clients. Name badges are used in businesses and organizations for many reasons.

1. Security

Many organizations like hospitals and schools use name badges for added security. Most states require it in several industries. Put your customers or students mind at ease by making staff easily identifiable.

2. Employee Recognition

Name badges will present a professional look for all your employees and encourages interaction with them from your customers.

3. Brand Recognition

Having name badges with your brand logo and colors will keep your company

name in sight. An attractive badge will give your employees a sense of pride

and professionalism, helping them feel part of the team.

4. Customer Interaction

Name badges will make it easy for your customers to approach your staff on a

more personal level. Employees will feel more accountable for the service they

provide knowing customers are more likely to give feedback when they know

an employee’s name.

Name badges are an important part of many industries and help your

company boost visibility. Whether it is a professional badge for your sales

staff or badges that are an extension of your company uniforms, Beacon Name

Badges can help you find the perfect fit.

Who uses Name Badges?

Hospitals, Pharmacies, Nursing Homes, Hospitality, Resorts, Amusement Parks,

Schools, Financial Institutes, Insurance Agents, Realtors, Retail Stores and much


End User Safe Flyer

Why Name Badges -End User Safe
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Premier Online Release Program

The Badge Warehouse is a completely safe, secure and easy to use online release program available 24/7. This program is distributor and end-user friendly.

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